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10 things Imran Khan needs to do NOW!!!

Next general elections are no more out of sight in Pakistan. One and the only clean politician and famous philanthropist in our country, Imran Khan, needs to move the masses. This is high time for him to appear on national scene as a true alternative. Thanks to his naïve ways of politics, he seems far away from sweeping the national election this time. But that can be made possible if he listens to some advice.

1. The impact of internet, especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter has shown its potential in last US presidential election as well as recent Middle East uprisings of Tunisia, Egypt and others. Imran Khan must come in close touch with the youth through Twitter and Facebook where he can convey his message in real time and gather feedback.
2. A talent hunt for candidates should be started now. Or if he has already chosen few people, they should be announced now. They should be asked to appear on their respective constituency’s skyline and should try to convey Imran Khan’s vision to the people.
3. Penetration into people’s minds and hearts can only be realized if they are reached at personal levels. Symbolic visits to flood affected people in person can win a lot of respect for him. Mobilizing aid is one thing. Tagging his message with aid and exploiting it to a maximum possible level is another thing.
4. A connection between the person of Imran Khan and people he wants to represents is not there. He seems to be fooled by clever people around who fail to seduce mainstream parties for electoral tickets and fell on him. He is different from the lot and should hunt totally uncorrupt leaders for people’s representation.
5. An effective media campaign should be made instead of complaining that talk shows don’t invite representatives from his party.
6. The political stance of his political party is usually what he personally thinks. A council of representatives should be established which should state the party position on various issues. A platform like Bilawal House, Nine Zero and Mansoorah should be a part of people’s memory when they listen to his party’s statement.
7. Monetary policy should be made clear along with the person would-be in-charge in future if he makes it to certain political success in near future. A mere mention of coal reserves and oil and gas bulks will not do the job.
8. A slogan is an ultimate winner in countries like ours. A passionate slogan should be formulated, even if he has to hire psychologists and journalists for the job.
9. A better speech writer will be a great gain.
10. Jamshed Dasti is a great example for looking into our people’s mind. If you dedicate yourself to represent them, you should know what they are made up of. An intelligent approach to handle them will be a success and nothing else.


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