Monday, January 31, 2011

The Lahore shootout. How long it can and should go?

The killing of three people by an American citizen in capital city of Punjab, Pakistan is indeed a shocking incident. The man in question alleged that he acted in self defense and the guys were decoits who wanted to rob him of the freshly withdrawn money from an ATM.  However, the postmortem examination report belies his saying by stating that the killed were fired upon from behind. Revelations of the use of forbidden bullets and an allegedly weapon without a valid license has further complicated the situation.  Equally shocking is the demand by American embassy for his immediate release, saying that he enjoys the diplomatic immunity. According to the newspapers, however, he is on a business visa and was not there on a diplomatic duty neither did he had a diplomatic escort with him. So, what was he doing there? Complicated, isn’t it?
How far will it go? Pakistan has so far shrugged off any request (read: pressure) for his immediate release. And it would be quite unwise even if the government makes its mind up for the same. The anti American sentiments are high at this time and religio-political parties will take it as a blessing in disguise as for the upcoming (midterm?) elections. American statement is unwise too as they should keep their own image in mind while putting any such pressure. Already people are angry over daily killings by American drones in the North West.
So, in my view, the judicial process will take its course as no politician can afford to please America on the cost of his own life or career. However, at some point in the future, government will have to back down under the American pressure that will be raised to a level in coming days or weeks. A symbolic bargain can very well satisfy the public here in Pakistan. If America asks for a presidential pardon for their citizen, a similar demand can be forwarded for Dr Siddiqui too, who was given 86 years of prison although she hadn’t killed anyone at all. A one sided presidential pardon to the American gunman by Pakistan would be an injustice as well as a political disaster for the ruling coalition.
Worse? Can Pakistan refuse to American demands and go for carrying out whatever sentence the court hands down to the gunman? This is not possibility even if the black warrants are issued when JI has won the next election by 2/3rd majority in center and provinces and an endless goldmine is discovered right below Mansoora.  Besides this, how long a country can go for 3 of their citizens when hundreds have been killed extra-judicially, both by American drones and terrorists. After all it is Musharraf’s Pakistan.

Friday, January 28, 2011

2011: Hopes alive !

Keeping a balance between ideals, hopes and ground realities, a beautiful 2011 can be like this.

  • Peace and Democracy in Tunisia and rest of Middle East
  • Advances in Palestine Israel peace process
  • Good performance of Pakistan in ICC world cup 2011
  • Resumption of International Cricket in Pakistan
  • Start of withdrawal of western forces from Afghanistan
  • End to extrajudicial killings by American drone attacks in Pakistan
  • Break in the recent wave of terrorism inside Pakistan
  • Break in ongoing inflation in Pakistan
  • Successful rehabilitation of flood affectees in Pakistan
  • No more events of killings of civillians all around the world
  • Resumption of HEC Foreign Scholarships
  • Resumption of peace process between Pakistan and India
  • International honors for my researcher friends
  • Publishing results of my first experiment :)

         and last but not the least

  • My family's visit of France this summer :)

Addition in the form of comments will be appreciated.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Broad spectrum Third Generation Pakistanis

Theoretically speaking, a generation spans over 30 years. So if we take the moment of the making of Pakistan as middle of the then generation, the first generation lasted till 1962, overshadowed by the opportunist element taking over the state. Second generation (1962-1992) is highlighted by 1964 and 1971 wars with India, fall of Dhaka, Bhutto’s judicial murder and General Zia’s version of Islam and Jihad. Summary of the third generation can be attaining a nuclear state status, 9/11, Musharraf’s enlightened moderation and lately the fallout of US led war on terror against Taliban. They are the ones who led Pakistan into new century. Like third generation of antibiotics, present Pakistanis are different from their predecessors in many respects. They are numerous, poorer, divided, intolerant, superstitious, frustrated, pretentious and isolated in comparison to the previous generations. I might have missed the achievements of this generation here but there is a reason for that too. First, our negatives surpass our positives, both in quantity and quality. Secondly, I am here to criticize the negative characters mentioned above. Although all of these characteristic properties can be elaborated one by one, I would like to stick to the pretentiousness and intolerance for this entry which has dominated the last few years of this fateful generation.

Many of us who attained physical maturity and economic liberty around the start of 21st century were either born or brought up in the Zia era and are undoubtedly influenced by the dictator’s national policies and his version of religion. The elders who constitute the top brass of politics, bureaucracy and military were mostly born when East and West Pakistan were together. Although shaken by 1971 split, the Pakistani society was nurturing a rightward swing even before the dictator took over, which is obvious from the religious inclusions of 1973 constitution. Zia was just an opportunist who identified the pulse of masses and benefitted from the richness of medium by adopting an Islamic reformer’s identity although we can very well appreciate that his policies of Islamization were meant for prolongation of his rule only. Eleven visionless years of rule changed the whole character of the nation and there during all those dark times, were the kids of future generations, playing in the streets, reading the recently modified texts of Jihad, seeing people being recruited for the holy war in Afghanistan, unaware of the words like democracy and power of vote, misinformed about their past and unsure of their future.

Children influenced by Zia’s philosophy of religion and state have come of voting age now and will take over the country’s leadership in a decade. But their representation at different levels has already begun to manifest. Education and sports have been badly affected by corruption while violence is at an all time high figure. A nation that was thrown into war has unfortunately owned the idea and is now ready to kill anyone in the name in which it was asked by Americans to fight Russia, the religion. Not only ready to kill, they are out there looking for someone to kill, lynching people on street, killing and burning dead bodies of pickpockets, making their videos with cell phones and uploading on youtube. Many times it is proved afterwards that the killed was not guilty at all and the reason behind the call was a financial dispute. Violence has become the general attitude of a third generation Pakistani. Although they owe it most to external forces exploiting them, yet they are themselves to be blamed too. External influences can be explained on the basis of various conspiracy theories but without getting indulged in such plots which can be easily disputed I come to the straight question, who contributed the most, to what our generation is today?

Lack of democratic culture and periods of dictatorship have kept people’s mindset uncertain. Self imposed saviors injected whatever suited them which slowly and gradually pushed the country away from the vision of its founder. Since religion has been something where people are easy to blackmail, it has been the key point in dictators’ strategies. Even if we don’t go beyond 1971, we can say that the idea of an Islamic republic was being sidelined by the idea of a theocratic state. Fact is that it is still not decided what the founders wanted to make out of this state.

Dictators are opportunists who exploit the weak points of society in order to propagate their rule. Ours have been especially lucky to have found favorable international culture too. Zia, for example, benefitted from this religious fervor of people of Pakistan and found American favors for the same too, in order to fight in Afghanistan. The third generation dictator, Musharraf, on the other hand, presented himself as a liberal person who was patted by his American bosses to fight against conservatives while he himself traded with the religious alliance for endorsement of his acts. He waged war against extremist elements while keeping coalition government intact. He played with trust of many stake holders while being a front man of US.I wonder how compatible our dictators have been with American interests that the right man (for US) takes over even before they need him.

Politicians who belong to this generation have largely been denied any rights of representation no matter how reasonable or transparent they have been. Take for example Imran Khan, the chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf. He can be truly stated as a third generation politician with no record of corruption and family politics whatsoever but his generation did not vote for him, rather they have continued to vote in the name of tribes, clans or the mainstream (read: feudal and corrupt) politicians. Imran Khan might have been a bad politician, a confused leader or an immature policy maker, yet such a stark rejection of a sincere person speaks volumes about the mindset of masses. Where people even voted for the religious alliances and got an even worse results than the politicians, he should have been given a bit more respect.

Although I must appreciate this generation for liberating media and judiciary from various influences, a real change is still out of sight. The independence of media has, in a sense, polarized the masses, making visible divisions between the liberal and conservative forces, highlighted by loud mourning and glamorization of assassination of Governor Taseer going side by side.    

Governor Taseer was murdered by his own bodyguard. Aside from discussing the delicacies of nature of punishment that should be given to someone who commits blasphemy, I would rather look upon this incident as a case study into the mindset of general public, or for that matter, third generation Pakistanis.

I hardly liked him as a politician. I would loudly say that he was not at his best when he confronted the court decision under the blasphemy law or the law itself, but that doesn’t mean that his murderer shouldn’t be showered with rose petals too. While honoring such people our generation has forgetten the legacy of our own faith. Knowing very well that the blasphemy law is dearly guarded in the Pakistan Penal Code and there hasn’t been any change in it, no one can justify a murder, neither glorification of the one who carried it out. But it only shows the mindset of the masses. 

Political and regional divisions are much deeper now. Balochistan and Sind provinces are not satisfied with the center and although the sitting government comes largely from Sindh, the military establishment hasn't given away anything. Smaller political parties are encouraged to take pro-military stances and many a times media persons are not difficult to find for the same purpose.

Third generation of Pakistan shares the credit of inventing Missed Call following their ancestors’ inventions of Wheel and Zero. They have the courage to laugh at themselves as text messaging about various issues is considered a good time pass. Latest education is in fashion and Pakistan has become a big market for electronics’ utilization. They have fought inundations, earth quakes, suicide bombings and massive displacements in military operations. They lost the sports glory shared with the previous generation of winning world honors in Cricket Hockey Squash and Snooker, yet there have been many sportsmen and women of extraordinary talent. And the count goes on as we still have 12 years more for them to prove their worth. Religious issues aside, political conflicts should be resolved and a good democratic Pakistan should be handed over to next generation which will take over in 2022.

It is difficult to see a society out of international context. Unfortunately, the current has been an era of violence and wars. When superpowers of the world are engaged in wars in neighborhood, one can hardly expect peace within. Our place has become a home of spies and conspiracies. Despite all this the legacy of violence could have been erased, had there been a serious effort to take every section of the society on board while formulating political policies and educational curricula. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case till now and this is going to persist for at least rest of the duration of this generation’s representation. So, I hope for a change towards more tolerance and homogeneity among religions and provinces and look forward to the fourth generation Pakistanis to do this job.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A facebook discussion that went a little too far...

Khalid Farooq We have all resources to condemn and agitate against US for punishing a lady who has obvious links with bad-groups, but we don't have a word to offer to those innocent women who are raped, punished and jailed in our very own PAK society.... Do I remember how many religious parties spoke in favour of Mukhtaran Mai when she was raped and tortured?
Shahid Totally agree,yahaan molviyoon ko US ka naam milna chahiye,bloody hippocrates.........
Shahbaz I think media focus plays important role to project certain issues, Allah says in quran" u r the best people, u enjoin what is best, and forbid what is bad, so u and me, molvi or non molvi, as long as muslims, are equally responsible for wh...atever is happening in the society, if u think molvi are forgetting that aspect of society, u and me can compensate or atleast can remind our fellows, we should not divide ourselves if we think we are one, "Momin is mirror of other momin, so what ever is wrong corrects it, so instead of colloiding, constructive approach is better
KF I like your thoughts dear Shahbaz. Ironically, you have been part of a set up which has over the years believed in intolerance to difference of opinion and taken the course of violence in the name of religion. People have been killed in a to keep HOLD of certain institutions. Political victimization has been reached to a level. The extremist path that was taken by Zia was sugar coated by JI and fed to the people in the name of God. This has made the correction procedure very difficult, if not impossible. I wish people like you come to understand that selling religion for the sake of politics is worse than day to day activities at campus. If you will learn and say, your folks might listen to you. Otherwise, I remember once Irshad Ahmad Haqqani wrote a column where he criticized politics of JI and he himself was so aware (read afraid) of the violent behavior of your fellows that he went on to say that he was a 70 years old man who co...uldn't stand any beating. And that he would be glad if Qazi Saheb keep his guys rstrained lest they come and beat him for criticizing JI. Tolerance to difference of opinion and criticism is the soul to path of betterment. Knowledge is only when it is accompanied by tolerance to difference but Jamiat and JI has virtually destroyed this element out of institutions. So, if you agree to change, I would say, be careful. I know its your party but they will be hard to understand.........
Shahbaz whatever u say, there is no way out except to enjoin what Allah orders, and prohibit what Allah disallow, what is methodology, should not come from sacular forces but islamic forces, if u think that is not possible then it means perhaps is intorlerant and not practical, so what ever we all do have to justify at day of judgement according to quran and sunnah, if u think u have enough preparation for that , that is good, may Allah make for us easy to understand what He wants from us and make it easy for us to implement in practical life
KF This is exacly people react to criticism in Pakistan now. If I point finger at Shahbaz, he will say 'do you mean Islam is intolerant?' this is not like that my dear... Everybody after Holy Prophet and his Sehaba can comitt mistakes and shou...ld be open to criticism. learn to listen with patient that if situation is worsening in pakistan, there may be a policy going in the wrong direction. you may be at mistake.... after all, you are just another human being, not a holy cow, or are you? JI is a political party and can be criticised for its policy and that shouldn't be taken as a criticism of Islam.... learn patience my dear. you need to learn patience...
Nusrat Meethi meethi to ap ne b kr di shahbaz bhai ki:-P see khalid bhai,im nt a molvi nor do i like dis hs becm a trend to criticize the molviz nd evrybdy finds hapines in criticizing them widout takng care of hs/hr own shortcmings.dis is nt gud.if molviz hv dn nthng,wt hv the non-molviz dn?all r equaly respnsbl 4 d destructn of dis country.btw i cnsidrd u a molvi 2 b4 u went into psychiatry:p
KF Nusrat: There is absolutely nothing personal against Shahbaz here. You know I get irritated by the hypocratic approach of our society towards issues. Jamiat has been violent and intolerant to criticism too. And whenever anyone does so, they... declare a holy war against them, saying that this was aimed against Islam. This is absolutely wrong attitude. And these guys are specially criticized because they use religion for politics, rather sell religion for politics. They kill people people in this sake as you might remember a student was killed in Peshawar University. Murder is a serious offense and there should be zero tolerance to violence on campus. But they have zero tolerance to tolerance :p you are right there that it the whole society which acts like that. A judge cricized is judiciary insulted, a general questioned is army humiliated, a politician accounted is an attack on democracy. So is a molvi cricized deemed as ...a conspiracy against Islam. But this is not so. I don't cricize Islam. I criticize man made policies aimed in the wrong directions. these guys may be misled and might have no bad intent, but their policies should be no holy cows. Whatever I say is in the best interest of us all, according to me. I am open to differences and would be happy to exchange views with anyone, respecting and tolerating whatever they think or say. I believe at least this is what everyone should learn, or learn to learn..........
Fareed I totally agree with Khalid, the question is very simple Who gives JI the un controlled power to enforce Quran and Hadith ? What is their Justification ? Normally When they delivering their sermons they term Democracy Un-islamic and a syste...m created by secular people (as if Being secular is being a devil) yet when there is ELection TIME all the Molanas wearing new Shirwanis and putting Khizab on their Beared come begging for Voting. They eve, Disgrace Quran take it to places which are unclean (non Pak) but it is all okay as far as they get votes. Yet if a poor Christian by no mistake of his touches Quran , the Entire Christan community is made to suffer the brunt. *
@Nusrat : We blame Molvi just like media Blame politicians because in our case its the Molvis who decides your destiny.... A single Fitwa of molvi can bring you death , a single Fight with Molvi can Mean the loss of life (as they are doing in UET peshwar and Lahore) , A single Criticism on Molvi and you are out of ISLAM , There is a simple but very deep saying that "With authority comes Responsibility" so when will these Molvis with infinite Authority come and Claim a little responsibility ???
Nusrat @khalid bhai u r rite khalid bhai.i dint support them.just pointed out the other aspct.i personally know the jamat ppl commiting voilence but same is the case with other political parties having their students wings.btw do u think JI is abs...olutely wrong or is it the members of JI commiting wrong things?is JI not sincere with Islam or its cause?or is it the way they hv adopted wich is wrong?shud the whole JI be held responsible 4 it?like most of the Muslims r nt following the true spirit of Islam but can we blame the religion 4 it?
what I m trying to say is that each of us is responsible for what is happening in society and we will be asked what we did, so we have to be very careful to criticize someone working for Allah, and I think it is not easy unless u r good in ...knowledge of Islam, other thing is when you are worried for urself then u find less time to point out just faults of others without appericiating the good, what people do is not that important for us than what we are doing, are we enough satisfied of our responsibilities, for that we have to go deep into teachings b/c after all we all have to answer individually, we should not start our responsibility from criticizing but from actions, criticism comes perhaps much later, just saying that person is doing wrong is not enough, this is what whole nation is doing, why that person is not doing this etc, blame game is not enough, if whole society goes wrong and u did right , i think it is enough for u to answer, if whole society do good, and u dont do good, this whole process will not help u to prepare for answer, so being educated person come forward, learn the deen, implement it, preach it, and show mirror to ur brothers too(not enemies), we are not enemies, we are brothers, no matter how wrong we are
Fareed I think every person is a mirror for himself, you can not show mirror to an other person unless he is not willing to see himself. And what if that person is Blind , What if the society has gone Blind and even of every one is okay , Who will... bring the right mirror .... or in other words who is responsible for tarnishing this mirror with Blood and hatred ??? ... People Don't need preaching right now they need Healing, I believe Before accepting any religion one must be a good HUman , We need to lean Humanity , if you want to change the society then Prayers can not do it alone but Actions can , What Molvis are doing for changing this , except Chanting slogans for the terrorists and Spreading hatred ? who in the current Big Molvis has talked about Tolerance ,love and patience where as these three virtues were always adapted by Prophet (P.B.U.H). Taif and fall of Mekkah were some examples am i Wrong ???
KF You are absolutely right Fareed Bhae. This is exactly what I meant to say. No one from JI or any other religious party spoke for Mukhtaran Mai yet everyone is speaking for Aafia Siddiqi. Why? What is the difference between them? Both are ou...r sisters and daughters. But the fact is that Mukhtaran Mai needed actions as she was there in Pakistan. Her culprits are still at large and no one goes on streets or chants slogans. Because we are liers, hippocrats and we all sell religion for politics. But protesting for Afia earns political mileage... Its sells good infact.We need to look at ourselves. Molvies need to look at themselves and need to learn what they need to teach or preach. Alas! They only know violence, hatred, sectarianism and dirty politics...
Fareed Exactly, these hypocrites drag God and ISLAM in to every matter and use it for their own gain, Qazi Sahib never stops criticizing America may i ask him where did he got his heart surgery from .... America isn't it??? i won't talk about th...ose Millions of Dollars that he and his gang made in Afghan War, by the way even though he belong to NWFP i have never seen him protesting against a single suicide bomb which has so far claimed over 5000 Lives only in NWFP, yet we see him protesting for Terrorists like Afia and her gang.
I don't know why these magical mirrors are not yet manufactured for these Big hypocrites and only common man is made to suffer by such mirrors made up of hypocrisy and lies.
Shahbaz oh, brothers I dont mean to hurt you guys,only criticism makes no difference, kindly read quran and sunnah, it is our obligation to try our best to implement it, if u think i m not implementing it properly , then join someone who is doing i...t right, afterall we all have to answer Allah, if no one is doing it and u are wise enough to tell society what is quran and sunnah, then tell them plz. a muslim mean who submit his will to Allah, so if Allah orders us to do everything for Him so we have to do everything for Him alone, momin momin ka aina hai, us mai burai dekhta hai to uski islah krta hai, ye hadith hai, aur mirror dikhaney se mera ye matlab thha,but sirf dusron ko galian deney se zimmadari adaa nahi hoti, we have to do something practically so that at day of judgement we can present something atleast. that day we have to stand in front of Allah and have to answer our deeds, who will do wrong will pay the price
KF Thats a good thing Shahbaz. Thanks for suggesting the right way. But I wonder when would you learn where to take wisdom. By you I mean your school of thought, the political party which funds the student wing for all the mess in educational ...institutions, where people are killed to hold pressure, tortured in the name of religion whereas there is no other reason than all that cheap dirty politics which is hallmark of our society. Do you have a vision or understanding of these wrongdoings? Or let me put it simply like this: how do define this violence, collateral damage, aggression, or adivine favor to your friends to save humanity? Although I know you don't hold any effective position and even if you accept these wrongdoings, there won't be any difference. I know the day you start keeping a different opinion, you will be out........... You very well know how strong your establishment is. But I think we are in our own very circles, expressing ourselves at whatever forum we can. So can you please state why did JI not stood for Mukhtaran Mai and has stood for Aafia? And what... about the student that was killed in Peshawar Univ lately? Can you stop referring to Koran for your deeds and come back on earth to give a humanly explanation of your sins? I know what I should read and what I should do. So being friends and tolerating all this hot discussion, can you please give me an answer to all this?
Fareed ‎@Khalid Bhai: No matter how we react, these self made Holy Souls will never come out of their shells , unless one day their shells are broken by the miseries and agonies of people who are made to suffer due to their hypocritical and ignorant behavior. I hope instead of making complicated religious statements they only follow the simple principals of humanity but they won't do so because, in doing so they will loose their power. We are going through the same DARK AGE as Europe was going through some 500 years ago, But our situation is more drastic , In Europe the pope used to sell mansions in Heaven for Money , here these Molvis are selling places in heaven at th...e cost of innocent blood (money off course is the prime factor) , But here out people have dead souls they tolerate everything and never speak out ? and i am afraid if these molvis continue to exploit the faiths soon people will start loosing the faith too and then only molvis have to be blamed as they consider them selves as the authority of faith.
Shahbaz well khalid, we have judiciary system which decides the crime, so they did, culprits were released after finding tht mukhtaran mai was propoganda of ngo's so we should believe in our judiciary, it was a media game especially by khabrain of ...zia shahid, her sister is nanni of my wife, so I have enough information on that, regarding aafia siddiqi, the response muslims gave is much less than they should give, Rasoolallah(pbuh) said, people of beginning, e.g sahaba and taba,een are better than people from later ages, so Muhammad bin qasim and mo'otsim billa are good examples how they react when their daughter goes in non muslim hand, but we sold our daughters and sons in miserable price.I think u should come out of illusion of western media, in this war of america, we sacrificed everything of ours, and we are not given even this favour that our daughter should not be raped and given back to us when they know that we are very sensitive on this issue I didnt say that what I say is quran , but what I say is that u and me have to standup before Allah and we should prepare in light of quran, if u think i m not right person, then find some right person and work with that, b/c ofcourse peopl...e will be judged according to ur intentions, murder in university is wrong, and whoever did should be punished, and if u r doing good, it doesnt mean that u r always right, freed bai, if molvi mean person with beard, then everyone of us should have beard as it is prescribed by Prophet(pbuh), and if u r talking about ideology, u want to say every person with beard has wrong ideology, then u should come forward , should bear this sunnah, and should continue that effort, which Rasoolallah ordered all of us, and we all have to answer, fareed bai u think humanity is every thing, but I think what Allah and his Rasool(pbuh) says is everything
KF She was not an NGO propaganda. According to Iftikhar Sherwani her case was reported by a local pesh imam in friday sermon and then NGO's started protesting about her. And her case was weak because no body felt safe to witness against those powerful who comitted the crime. I think the people whom you invited to our campus to slap Azfar because he was going against Islam (am I right or he was just against Jamiat), those young and powerful young men should have at least visited her in the village. Their sister is she.... But she looks propaganda to you because your ghunda grdi is limited to place where you have to keep hold, political influence. And everywhere else, all sisters and daughters are suffering but you won't care. What about the girl that has bee...n recently kidnapped in Faisalabad and raped for 16 days? Why didn't jamiat boys went to rescue her? And after she was released, her sister was kidnapped and raped. What is the difference between them and Afia? Political mileage and money my dear. If you agree and open your eyes, you can see that. I know my position on war on terror. I was against america's invasion then and now. but I keep a daughter of the land who never got training of heavy weapon dear than a lady who got herself in trouble instead of being an ambassador of islam..., she became an ambassador of terror. Saying that a killed is a bad thing and experiencing it is another. Did you ever felt how shameful your act was when you invited outsiders to curb your fellows? But I don't think you can ever recognise yoour faults. try to open up dear. You will be held answerable too. and when you kill people in any name, matter becomes more sensitive.... take care...
Fareed @Shahbaz bhai: You and i better know what i mean by molvi so lets not discuss it. By the way its good that you reffered to name of muhammad Ibne Qasim , You know what was done to him ? he was wrapped in the Skin of a camel and left to die the desert , let me not open the chapter of tariq bin ziyad and others, did america did this to them or it was the ISLAMIC Khilafat of that time ??? yet we won't admit our mistakes.
Well i don't know which Book of religion are you following but I can assure you that by reading Quran again and again I get the message of Humanity enforced again and again, and my brother religion is for humans if the so called contractors of religion show their inhuman face then my brother i am sure God will also not count them as Humans let alone Muslims and Momins.
I don't know why you people only follow the Sunnah just to the level of hair, Beared and Maswak , why don't you follow the actions of P.B.U.H, his lessons of love, tolerence and peace . Your philospohy seems so shallow to me, I recommend you to read and understand the true meaning of ISlam in depth apply it yourself and then start preaching to others , with great regret i find all of your remarks extemely shallow and at times immature
Shahbaz if u think we are wrong , it's ok, it is ur opinion, you can live with that, and if u understand islam better then u should keep on teaching that version of islam, it is good for u, azfar issue u should discuss in private, this is not the f...orum, definitely we can be wrong , why not, u should correct us, most welcome, khalid u should try to see into mukhtaran case again, I have looked into it enough, i think to tell what is in someone's heart when that person is doing something is not possible, so u should not stamp the intentions of us so clearly, every person has limitations, so u should not expect us devine, fareed bai it is quite possible that my comments are immature or shallow, I dont mean to win the debate, u r most welcome to give ur point of view and I accept it. I think taking up those cases of inspectors will also give us political mileage, whatever we will do , it will give us mileage, we want to correct everything but we r human beings with limited abilities, we want that pakistan should be gove...rned by islam, but we are weak, so perhaps this is the reason we couldnt be successful, so part of one nation, our goal should be one and we should struggle through the way Allah and his Rasool(pbuh) ordered, making different party doesnt matter, what matter is ur intention, so mistakes are also part of us, and finally is destiny which takes it's course according to What Allah decides
Nusrat According to Iftikhar Sherwani her case was reported by a local pesh imam in friday sermon and then NGO's started protesting about her....
was dis pesh imam sm molvi or sumthin else?
why did the NGOs not protest against the killings of thousands of innocent iraqis, afghanis, kashmiris n palestinians??y r they nt protesting against the ongoing killings(wich include innocent ppl in addition to the terrorists) in drone attacks?here too its a matter of money...who wil grant them funds if they do so..who wil...
Fareed Well Again Those NGO are not there to help out the people and yes they are there to get funds yet they are not selling religion like hot cakes , any one can criticize them and they don't have the gangs of tugs to protect them.
The question is not Molvi vs NGOs the question here is when will the dead souls of our people get re-born ?
Nusrat agreed..
Shahbaz chishti bai aap koi aisa model tyar krain phir logon ko btain k ye hai islam ki sahi picture, so that people should come out of tug gangs and follow what brought, maulana maududi brought a model in form of jamaat and jamiat and then told people to come and join them, so people joined them, now u come and reject it totally, take one more step , give people something to follow
KF here is a correction to make for Shahbaz. Fareed Ahmed is not our class fellow chishti bhae. He is a friend of mine and these days a PhD scholar in France. Second thing, I personally don't "criticize molvis and support NGOs". It is not a co...mplete sentence. I would rather say, we are all humans. Molvis should behave like human beings. They should learn that whatever they think can be wrong. They should learn to listen criticism and tolerate it. And while working in the name of religion, gangs and dirty politics should be put away. OR if that is not possible, put the name of religion away and be like PSF MSF. At least they don't use islam as a tool or a blackmailing method in politics. this doesn't mean that they are right or that I am supporting them. This means I am against the misuse of an istitution which has held the nation hostage by spreading fear of God. I speak for their good and for my own good. I believe that if molvis are right, whole society will get better because they are stakeholders everywhere.... I personally don't have any grudges but I think they have enjoyed monoply in last 60 years and contributed nothing but policies which were not in the right direction. If they admit that they can be wrong or can be criticized, things can be set better. Second thing, solution of every problem is not to make a new jamaat every time. We can take pain to correct the existing one. Because there are receptors in society, the points of intervention. If JI is not right, but it keeps on occupying ...those receptors, no other intervention can work. So I believe in trying to make things better, and that is, to spread what I think in friends and wherever possible. Shahbaz. You are not the only legitimate hier of Modoodi saheb. He didn't transfer JI in your name. He did what he did and you will be asked what you will do. If you try to follow the role model of honesty, give up an organization that is involved in dirty politics using religion as a tool, or accept its faults, stay there and try to correct them, I think that will be a jehad. But for God's sake, try to see things with your own eyes. I know you never looked into any depth of Mukhtaran Mai's case. You heard from JI people that it is a NGO stuff and you believed that. And that is your problem. You are not allowed to see with your eyes. You see what they make you to see...
Shahbaz khalid you are criticizing me for so many days, I think my behaviour in this was much better and soft in this discussion, other thing why u r forgetting that u r muslim and it is my duty to tell u and ur duty to tell me that what we should and what we should not do(al asar), but u think our way of telling is not right, so bring some model and tell society that jamiat is not right way to call people to Allah , this is right way, so all those people who fear Allah will come and follow u, and jamiat will abolish and there will b no need for it, our institutes were established on english school system where church and school are separate, we tried to bring our history back that we should read science so that we obey Allah as our forefather did it, and we are much successful in this, previously islam was in madrassa, now islam is in comprehensive with all knoledges, we all have duty to be molvi , i mean having beard, practicing muslims and best scientists, in the world, this is our moto so we are successful in both worlds
KF And this is not only about yourself. I myself sat in Jamiat in Sargodha and Rawalpindi before giving it up. Nobody there can tolerate a difference in opinion. Nobody believed that there can be a second opinon or a point of view. A differenc...e is pronounced as a violation of Islamic teachings which makes things difficult to understand or communicate. I don't have doubt about any teachings, but I think you need to correct and I am not going to make another Jamaat but would always look forward to correct it, at whatever forum possible, I will convey my differences. I wish you own these differences sometime, knowing me for years that I don't have any enmity with my people, nor with molvis, I am only against their (and your) wrong approach toward religion and politics. You sell deen for politics and you cannot be allowed to do it for long. I might not be a mediator, but there are some laws of nature of they are bound to happen. Try to realize them and don't think that anyone here is against Islam. Take care...
You know Shahbaz that I am not criticizing anything that you just mentioned. I will praise all this. But the wrong stuff that your group has inflicted on people is to be criticized, not the good one.
Shahbaz I accept that we are not perfect, I give u opinion that join someone who is better than us, if for time being u dont find someone like that then keep on working with those people who r relatively better and if u r not satisfied then u should be proactive to take step by yourself and establish something, b/c we need some forum to work, but the way you criticize shows that what ever we are doing is solely for personal reasons, and there is no good in this and it should be abolished at all, and if u think something is good in it, then u should appreciate that whil criticizing and should try to correct people instead of telling them to finish it at all  If you don't accept the wrongdoings of yourself n folks, why should I praise you? I cannot appreciate something bad which is wrapped in a good packing material. I don't doubt your intentions. That is between you and your God. But I believe you are being used, unaware I guess. I want you to realize this.
Shahbaz it means there is no good in jamiat and they are misusing iccocent people, so it should be abolished, then we need some systems which are so pure and committed to Allah that a muslim can see it clearly and be part of it. there could be anot...her explanation which we should also try to look into." is it possible that we are so disobedient to Allah that we want to do everything what our nafs says us to do and whenever some hurdle comes against our nafs, we want to prove that it is wrong for so and so reason and let's finish it, so that we can obey our desires easly???, I dont know, may be
KF for me, that may be right because I am a sinful person. but for you guys, you are the best people I have ever known and I salute you and folks for your untiring efforts to bring this society to a right path, which is evident from progress in last three decades. I am afraid God will be unpleased if I said anything extra in your respect. So I praise :) ab khush?
Shahbaz hahhahahah, no, we are muslim and we need to remind each other and try to take care of muslim body, it is not easy, may Allah take us through this course easily, and result is only with Allah, our try is to act and pray so Allah show us right path and make things easy for all of us amin
Nusrat aamin.