2011: Hopes alive !

Keeping a balance between ideals, hopes and ground realities, a beautiful 2011 can be like this.

  • Peace and Democracy in Tunisia and rest of Middle East
  • Advances in Palestine Israel peace process
  • Good performance of Pakistan in ICC world cup 2011
  • Resumption of International Cricket in Pakistan
  • Start of withdrawal of western forces from Afghanistan
  • End to extrajudicial killings by American drone attacks in Pakistan
  • Break in the recent wave of terrorism inside Pakistan
  • Break in ongoing inflation in Pakistan
  • Successful rehabilitation of flood affectees in Pakistan
  • No more events of killings of civillians all around the world
  • Resumption of HEC Foreign Scholarships
  • Resumption of peace process between Pakistan and India
  • International honors for my researcher friends
  • Publishing results of my first experiment :)

         and last but not the least

  • My family's visit of France this summer :)

Addition in the form of comments will be appreciated.


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