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Afridi has a good chance to be a politician

Shahid Khan Afridi has announced conditioned retirement from international cricket. He is unhappy with the treatment that he has been given as captain. He has every reason to feel angry as his performance as a captain has been more than expected. Although not an extraordinary manipulator of the game, luck had been on his side in one day internationals recently. He has led the team with passion and that speaks volumes about his leadership skills. As far as intelligent strategic moves are concerned once team lands in the ground to play, I wouldn’t rate him as one of the best captains of Pakistan. But still he has been making us feel proud, happy and sometimes furious at him with crickentainment over the years. Alas, he has met the same fate as many of our heroes did previously. But, is that the end? I think NO.

Afridi is kind of a person who has always listened to his heart. I believe his career is far from over. There are no quick chances of a reshuffle in Pakistan Cricket Board as the chairman is thought to be very close to President. So instead of waiting for those chances or to play more cricket and hope for no objection certificates, he should announce his debut to national politics. Whether or not he joins Imran Khan, he will be a hot fellow in national politics and his presence will give youth a lot of hope for their future. As he has already said that he plays for his country and his people, I have already smelled the politician inside him. Pakistanis are great fans of cricket and I have seen no one who is happy with Ijaz Butt. A principal stand on this issue can give lala a big political mileage, particularly against a PPP candidate. I would love to see him coming to active politics.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the young and courageous politician Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi. 


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