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Listening to the ultimate messiah

Few days back one of my friends posted a video on my facebook page in which a person advertises his amazing disease healing skills. You can see a screen shot from the video on the right side. My friend posted this video thinking that I being a doctor am the most concerned person regarding the contents. Of course I am, but people living around healing facility of this gentleman are more concerned than me. And even more concerned, rather responsible are the authorities. I was practically shocked to see the video. A person who apparently can’t speak Urdu for more than few seconds, goes on to claim that he can treat any disease that a human being can come up with. Standing behind an advertisement board carrying all his medical credentials, he goes on to give a sermon about his magical abilities to cure. Without any clue regarding the contents of his treatment regimes, he proclaims to heal everything that brings worry to us. Health authorities and medical council of the country seems to see the other way I guess.

The written content is translated here.

Dr Abdul Majeed. Majeed Hospital
Cellular mobile number omitted purposefully
Diploma in Medicine and Practice in Surgery
Registered (with) Government (of)Punjab, Health Authorties, File 763
Faisalabad Health Authorties File No 01
Experience in Medical Practice 40 years
Address, omitted purposefully

The spoken contents of the video are summarized here.

In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful. Assalamo Alaikum. I, Dr Abdul Majeed, treat all types of pain, whatever part of the body it is in. With the grace of God, patient says he is alright within 5-7 minutes. Be it knees, ankles, backbone, kidneys or even heart that aches, or even it is beats (palpitates), I treat all of them. Similarly all types of diseases like sozak hemorrhoids or even persistent hiccups, or even if one feels heat, I can treat all of these diseases within 5-7 minutes. By the grace of God, when I ask the patient after 5-7 minutes if he feels sick, he says no, I am feeling better. This is feedback of my patients which has encouraged me to speak (advertize).  Allergy of eyes (conjunctivitis perhaps) is a illness where doctors change the eye drops  every now and then. I can heal it in a span of few minutes. If the eye hole is blocked, and hasn’t been cured after unlimited treatment, give me 3 days and it will be open after three days. Apart from this, if one cannot speak fluently, I treat this whereas no one in the whole country treats this. And that too within 10 minutes, patient starts speaking normally. I never recommend any dietary restriction whatever type of allergy, asthma or high blood pressure is there. These are all blessings of God. One shouldn’t restrict anything. No one can treat hepatitis faster than me. No one has the knowledge of this disease better than me. All types of fever are cured within 24 hours. I have 40 years experience of medical practice. Cough and flu, skin diseases and hundreds of other disorders are treated so quickly that I myself am amazed. If I was like others, I would have had been silenced years ago. It has been four years since I am educating you, that whosoever is sick should come to me and get the benefit. Anything that is not cured by these doctors, specialists, hakeems or faith healers should be brought to me. I will cure it in few minutes. First I cure the patient and then ask how long he or she wants to take medicine for. Whosoever has come to me for 5 or 6 times can never be sick again. Timing of my availability is during the day. Address described and omitted purposefully.
This video speaks volumes about the state of health affaires in our country. This person has been running a clinic for last 40 years in the third largest city of Pakistan. He is running an advertisement campaign to recruit patients too. While the contents and claims of this video can be refuted and proven wrong by scientific evidence, it speaks more about the ignorance and attitude at basic level of our society.  The credentials that he is claiming do not even exist. And he got all that 40 years back, when there was no mention of hepatitis at all. And no one, virtually no one living around him is educated enough to know that he is playing with people’s lives. Take for example his generalization of pain, whether it is in knees, ankles, kidneys or heart, it can be treated. Pain in all these places cannot be generalized as knees are sore in inflammation but a cardiac pain can be a fatal heart attack. Similarly the closure of hole of eye just doesn’t mean anything other than maltreating any potentially dangerous disease which will eventually result in blindness.
Quacks like him are successfully practicing in cities, towns and villages, competing with registered medical practitioners only to bring a qualified doctor’s practice to a lower level. When such people will be allowed to “educate” others so openly, how can we expect to eradicate diseases and improve general health standards of our society?


  1. This is not the only one in this country but there are one in each village like him. Havoc is being played with the health of this nation. Millions of life are being wasted. And all this is happeing becasue fo the lack of proper regulations, inadequate health services, illetracy and poor financial conditions prevailing in the country.

    there is one more very relevant stroy of a Peer(Faith Hailer) who is providing the Son or Cure of infertility to women. According to a report prepaired by the Express News he provided the services to 300 women and has recoreded the Videos of the process with all the women. Here is the link


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