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A state of conspiracies

Conspiracy is an act to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage of a situation. Different people at different times of their lives experience such challenges. Some of them come clean of such stuff; others pay for their deeds. While incidence and prevalence of conspiracies may be different for rest of the world, we seem to be in excess of this blessing.

I remember as a young boy when I first time heard that Pakistan was made out of a conspiracy and people in forefront of the movement were somehow playing in the hands of enemies. I couldn’t believe my senses. Later I was told that it is a conspiracy to weaken the idea of Pakistan and one shouldn’t pay heed to such absurd ideas. Conspiracy has now become a frequently used word in our daily routine. We have developed a habit to blame others for our own failure. While logical thinking may suggest some solution for our problems, the paranoid thinking has led us to nowhere.

Pakistan prime minister says conspiracies are
being hatched against democracy.
Hussain Haqqani says memogate is a conspiracy against him.
Zardari says conspiracies against PPPP government continue.
Shehbaz Sharif says bad drugs a conspiracy against people of Punjab.
Pfizer says polluted drug a conspiracy against company.
Veena Malik says FHM December cover photos conspiracy against her.
Army says Kerry-Luger bill a conspiracy against military.
Terrorism in the name of Islam a conspiracy against Islam.
Mansoor Ejaz says stupidisco is a conspiracy to malign him.
Making new provinces is a conspiracy against Punjab, or against Sindh or KP etc.
Dish TV Internet mobile is conspiracy against Islam.
MFN status to India is a conspiracy against Kashmiris.
Jinnah pur/operation cleanup was a conspiracy against MQM.

In addition to the above mentioned ones, Spot fixing conspiracy, sugar shortage conspiracy, power shortage conspiracy, CNG conspiracy, NRO hearing conspiracy, Swiss cases conspiracy, NATO conspiracy, Imran Khan conspiracy, wikileaks conspiracy, contempt of court notice conspiracy, MNAs disqualification conspiracy, long march conspiracy, dengue fever/mosquito conspiracy and so on and so forth. There is an endless list of people blaming others for hatching conspiracies against them. All the failures of governments, whether factual or mismanaged, are stated to be conspiracy against democracy and system.

Being aware, or for that matter conscious of enemies’ advances is one thing while being paranoid to an extreme is totally another thing. The obsession of imagining conspiracies in every problem we face is a symptom of disease that we as a nation suffer from. We have delusions and ideas of persecution that render us incapable of reasonable thinking, hence we fail to find solution for the very problems faced and solved by humans living on this very planet. What we need is logical interpretation of our problems, which should and would lead to their solutions. It is no rocket science to accept that contamination happened with a batch of medicine, by someone’s mistake. The responsible should present himself before the law of the land and justice be served. Looking for conspiracies in such stuff will only take us astray. If, God forbid, dengue fever returns to Lahore again with the return of mosquitoes in spring or monsoon, would that be a conspiracy too?


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