Wednesday, June 20, 2012

None of the above

None of the above as an option in coming elections

Is putting none of the above going to be an option on the ballot paper in coming elections? What if a large number of people choose it? A constitutional amendment is on its way to give the president the authority to interpret it according to his own terms and conditions

CJ, the joy breaker of political times

CM Gillani was playing a watchful inning. Although he came under more than few threats in course of his time on the pitch, he handles all the variations very negatively and stayed dheet on the pitch. He went on with his score and almost made the history when he crossed the heighest runs days record of a former PM, yet the umpire re-visited one of his previous decisions and declared him out. Rest in peace the not-record-breaking broken innings. A change of bowler is imminent with a new ball, possibly from a by election and other scandals investigation end.

Gillani gone, democracy under threat

Was democracy under no threat under his fateful regime? And by the way, what is the threat now? It is the same situation which the country passes through every time there are elections. They just have to elect a new PM, nothing serious. Do you mean that Gillani was saving the country from a threat which is now running the country?

Mehr Bukhari on Malik Riaz show

uzer gunah badd ter az gunah.

Imran Khan advises Julian Assange to take asylum in Acuador

Julien takes refuge in an embassy, asks for asylum after talking to Khan, who told him stories of Pakistani politicians. Reports suggest that Acuador president might refuse the request and Julien's second option will be none other than Waziristan agency, where a sovereign anti-america state is budding and blooming.

Mubashir Lucman found leg before the wicket on replay

ML has been under hawk eye and other watch-dogs and has been found to be guilty of putting his leg before the wicket, unnecessarily though. Replays suggest that he threatened the team management with a be-ghairti-mein-hadd-se-guzer-jana-chahiye-lekin-kabhe-kabhar-sudher-jana-chahiye intent.

Judges vs PPPP 1-1

Good shot. It happens when the match is being played between players and umpires.

Egypt's Mubarak is on artificial ventilation, what for, by the way?

They are keeping him alive so that he can be hanged when he is off the ventilator.

Dr Arsalan looks like a DAWN

Lollywood actress Meera has said that when she first saw Dr Arsalan, she thought he looks like a DAWN.

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