Monday, July 23, 2012

Of #VeenaMalik #AamirLiaqat and #Ramazan 2012

This time in Pakistan, Ramazan moon was sighted at the same time, which is a rare thing in itself. Although not starting to observe Ramazan or celebrating Eid on the same day doesn't hurt as a nation yet we are running desperately out of option to symbolize our nationhood. God may have mercy on us and the same national consensus be seen on next moon sighting too.

Yet the land never runs out of controversies. Veena Malik hosting a religious show during the holy month of Ramazan was the latest one. A 30 second promo of that programme which most of people must have seen, emerged on youtube and as soon as it did so, there was a hue n cry everywhere about that programme. People talked about her character, her controversy from BIG BROTHER and the famous ISI tattoo. Then her next venture, the south Indian remake of The Dirty Picture came under discussion and so on and so forth. Conservatives as well as some liberals criticized Hero TV for coming up with such a publicity stunt. I myself was taken aback by the idea. An entertainer should do what he or she knows best to do and must not indulge in everything around. There exist exceptions but that was my general feeling. I personally didn't, but few people went on to sign a petition against this and finally the news came up that the idea has been dropped. If it was just to let everyone know that Hero TV is a TV channel in Pakistan, they made their point.

Next surprising thing was the return of Amir Liaqat to Geo TV and the announcement to host a TV show during Ramazan, much like before. This was disturbing. As some of us might remember a video that surfaced few months back in which backstage video clips were compiled showing Amir Liaqat using all kinds of vulgar language and making fun of invited scholars and female callers together. This is the same guy whose masters and doctorate degrees are allegedly fake as well.

The question is: why did we not speak against his programme as we did against Veena Malik. What is the difference between two of them? To anyone if difference between what we are and what we pose ourself to be, Veena does have an edge because she is what she is and she stands by herself.


  1. I didn't like ALH's return to GEO either !

  2. If it was just to let everyone know that Hero TV is a TV channel in Pakistan, they made their point.:-p

  3. Thats not false too.. Nusrat Awan.

  4. Both are same