Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Redefine the collateral damage

According to latest statistics released by US agency New America Foundation, drone strikes have killed 150 supposed militants in Pakistan this year with zero civilian casualities so far. The stated precision of intelligence and strike technology seems incredibly good. In contrast to previous years, the strikes have been hitting bull's eye this time around. Or perhaps the definition of those being killed has changed. According to Russian Tv the criteria on which  the Obama administration decides whether an individual is classified as a terrorist or otherwise. As ironical as it can be, this pain is taken only after killing the suspects. And the definition itself speaks volumes about the accuracy of strikes as well as figures. It states "All military age males in a strike zone count as militant unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving their innocence i.e. they have to prove their innocence after death". In other words, any male, who is in the age of serving in military, is a terrorist and should be killed. However, if strong intelligence reports suggest that he "was" innocent, he will be declared as "innocent". From United States of America, a certificate of innocence' albeit posthumous, must not be considered less than an honor. In addition, what is not stated but should also be understood is that same is true for the females present killed as their presence is meant to support terrorism, and as for as children are concerned they would surely become terrorist if kept alive brought up in such environment. Kudos to noble peace laureate, the proud chief commander as his forces are spreading peace with a great dedication and spirit.


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