Saturday, August 2, 2014

A sad generation of Palestinians

Be it people of any given faith, habitants of Palestine are particularly unfortunate that their sufferings have come at a time of history when no body is interested to support their cause. For a globally connected social world, it is a very saddening sequel of a tragedy which is awfully one-sided and terribly terrible in its description. Confined in an open prison by a ruthless and run amoke military might, they have very limited options including breathing, which is at the mercy of their forceful occupant. Sometimes, they are allowed, other times they are suffocated.

Lets not debate the dispute of whom the land actually belongs to. Lets not get ourselves lost in the history books to find out whether christians or muslims or jews are the rightful masters of the country. Lets not discuss its geographical aspects. Lets just consider that the people living on the Gaza strip are humans. They have been forced out of their homes and prisoned in what is referred to as the biggest open jain in the world. There might have been disputes about their forefathers' times but the children of the current generation found themselves living on that soil.
An artist's imagination of creation of Israel in France

The strong military force of Israel and its tactical hit-back-hard policy has left them virtually at the mercy of death. The humanly modalities even the medicine are scarce in that place. International laws and practices are violated frankly yet no one can dare challenge the oppressor. The UN acts like a castrated body with no real impulse to force the ethics and war-laws or war-crime laws against the occupant.

When I say that this is a sad and unfortunate generation of Palestinians, I mean to say that it is perhaps the wrongest time of history for them to be in this hapless situation. The middle east, despite being of the same religion and faith as theirs, doesn't give a damn about them. The UN under influence of USA hasn't been able to pass any resolution against Israel in rememberable past. The geographical location of Gaza of Palestine doesn't interest any other super power. The journalists world over and their editors have their own priorities. The social media and micro-blogging websites are full of content that cannot be independently verified, and even if it is verified, no one cares. The current episode of ethnic cleansing and genocide has so far taken more than 1500 lives, with an awful proportion of almost 50 Palestinians for 1 Israeli (80% of Palestinians being civilians while all Israeli military men).
So much for the change Mr President

Instead of any support, USA has openly stated that Israel has full right of self defense. I mean, what kind of self defense is it? Bombarding schools, shelters, civilians, rehabilitation centers and other such facilities, killing children and women, in a people who have been prisoned for years, whose land has been confiscated, who don't have any military, weapons or power to inflict any significant wounds, what laws do justify this kind of self defense? In a more pathetic and cowardly way, President Obama invited Israeli ambassador to the annual iftar dinner at white house where all invitees were Muslim leaders, and there, he, the President of USA, reiterated Israel's right to self defense. Real bad joke.. And then, despite all the reporting of genocide and war-crimes, USA gave its billions of dollars worth ammunition to Israel, to continue its self defense... Bravo.. The presidency that began with an aim to "put day light between American and Israeli interests" is ending biting the dust....

The Arab-spring didn't bring any good news for them. The regime that came in power in Egypt seemed to have something on their mind but the overpowering Saudi Arabia USA and Israel planned to overthrow it before it did anything relevant. Even the rebels everywhere are motivated by their vested interests but no one cares for Palestine.

The genocide continues, with the whole world outside Palestine sharing the war crimes, some for aiding the killing, some for endorsing it and others for keeping silence. The sad generation of Palestinians is a witness on us all.

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